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The Clinton-Laurens-Newberry Tennis Association

The CLNTA Board-of Directors
The Clinton-Laurens-Newberry Tennis Association is a community tennis association (of the United States Tennis Association), which promotes the physical, social and emotional health of our local residents through the sport of tennis.


Two Year Term: 2017/2018


Cassandra Kimmerly*

Jesse Baker

Wilson Smith*

Annette Patterson

Harry Sullivan

Dan Wilder

*These two replaced Brenda and Lloyd Hammond who had to drop out.




Two Year Term:  2018/2019


President: Martha Wilder

Vice President: Ralph Patterson

Secretary: Paulette Jenkins

Treasurer: Melody Jepson




Two Year Term: 2018/2019


Youth Programs Chairperson: Wilson Smith

Bylaws Chairperson: Paulette and Martha

Nomination Chairperson: Paulette Jenkins

Tournament Chairperson: Dan Wilder





Whitmire/WHS – Jesse Baker

Clinton/CHS – Harry Sullivan

Laurens/LDHS – Annette Patterson

Presbyterian College – Patrick Fediuk and Katherine Dunnigan

Newberry/Newberry College & Oakland Tennis Center – Mark Gardiner

Webmaster – Brendan LaMarche



Please feel free to approach these Directors and Officers with your tennis needs.
Contact the CLNTA via its Facebook page (Clinton-Laurens-Newberry Tennis Association), website:,  email:, phone: 864-340-1888.