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They said something – can I claim the point?

The only time you should talk is when the ball is approaching your court. So after the ball leaves the opponents’ racket you can communicate with your partner, “yours”, “mine” “bounce it” (please don’t say “out” until the ball has bounced or they can claim you changed your call, if the ball lands in, and claim the point), etc. Read More

Lions and Tigers and Foot Faults, Oh my!

So someone called a foot fault and you are all angry with them for calling it. Because obviously: 1) I only stepped on the line a little, 2) I didn’t really gain an advantage, 3) I didn’t mean to, 4) It’s just a friendly game – what a jerk for sticking to the rules. Read More

Throwing in the Towel

In April and May we might have glistened, but in July and August we sweat. If your grippin’ is slippin’ your shots will be out of control. We need a towel to dry our hands and our grip. But where can I put it? Read More

When in doubt call it out - NOT!

I’ve heard people quote the mythical Hacker’s Handbook, “When In doubt call it out”. Unfortunately, I don’t think they were kidding. Without getting into too many acronyms and governing bodies, suffice it to say that there are two things players should be familiar with, 1) The Rules of Tennis, and 2) The Code. Read More